Personal Statement: 

"I quickly fell in love with creating content when I realized that failing doesn't exist. There's only pouring your heart out, working your ass off and repeating the process. Creating is not only my truest form of freedom, but also the greatest challenge I indulge in."

Run Baby

(Hr long Family Drama)

The Girls House

(Hr Long Dramedy)


(Indie Feature)



Cupcake (2018) Short Film Dir. Shane Drake

Enough (2018) Short Film Dir. Corrin Evans

(Culver City Film Festival)

Heavily Meditated (2018) Web-Series Dir. Joe Chambrello

Cousins (2017) Short Film Dir. Corrin Evans

(Austin Revolution Film Festival - Winner Best Actress)

Joe Goes To Therapy (2017) Web-Series Dir. Joe Chambrello

Sex Parties (2017) Web-Series Dir. Corrin Evans 

Relativity (2017) Feature Film Dir. Ryan Blewett

LA Artists (2017) Short Doc Dir. Corrin Evans/Maddie McGuire

(NewFilmmakers: On Location Finalist) 

P+V (2016) Short Film Dir. Michael Lopez

(Hollyshorts Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles)

Popcorn & Pumps (2016) Web-Series Dir. Jon Scott

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