Born and raised in Chicago, Maddie relocated to Los Angeles after graduating high school early. She's an alumni of University of Phoenix. She recently starred opposite Elizabeth Olsen in Facebook Live's new show "SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS". You might have also caught her in MTV's "MARY + JANE" with her famous line "Have you seen that DJ? I want to ride him like the front bike in my spin class," the feature LADY-LIKE where she gave herself a hickey and had dreams about raw-dogging her roommate's boyfriend in the parking lot of Chick-Fil-A and the feature film TRACE, where she didn't die until the last ten minutes (small victories), among other credits where she had to do a variety of self-deprecating things. 

Maddie has produced numerous short films that successfully took on the festival circuit, including 'P+V' which she also wrote and starred in and 'Cousins' for which she won best actress at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. She produced her first feature last year 'Relativity' which is currently available online. Maddie's voice has been featured on MTV's Mary & Jane seductively saying a slew of sexual innuendos, as well as commercials for Volkswagen, Hotel Tonight, Simple Mobile, Glad, Toys R' Us, and McDonald's among many others. Maddie tried Stand-Up for a second, and kind of liked it. Maddie has written a few feature films and pilots, most recently RUN, BABY, an hour-long family drama taking place in Saratoga, America's oldest and most notorious racetrack.